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Ive never posted on here before and probaly never will...but a friend of my brother passed away a few days ago and I remember him telling me during a conversation of what songs he wanted played at his funeral, that he wanted so its highly unlikely anyone might have this but its worth a try...Thank you to anyone who's posts them it will mean a lot for a n00b like me who cant figure out how to use you sendit

Live On Tomorrow = Juliana Hatfield


Here's awesome groovy cheese song...Anyone who's seen 'Superstar Karen Carpenter story' will recongize it

Static TV

Stuart McLean

Does anyone have any Stuart McLean mp3's they can share with me?

I love his holiday stories involving fictional characters Dave and his family. If you haven't heard of him, track him down. He's on Canada's CBC with a program called Vinyl Cafe.

Gypsies! An intro to Taraf de Haïdouks

Okay, so, normally, anything that has the whiff of 'World Music' about it gives me hives. There's nothing intrinsically inferior about music not made in the United States (although for the last 100 years, America has made the best pop music in the world; jazz, too; oh, and blues; hip-hop I guess too), it's just that the overwhelming majority of stuff that gets tagged 'World Music,' as a genre unto itself, sounds to me like toothless, watery, New-Agey populist pap, regardless of country of origin. But sometimes a band will come sliding down the pike and they're just too goddamn good to ignore. Taraf de Haïdouks ('Band of Brigands,' in Romanian I believe) is such a band.

I first heard them on a record of Kronos Quartet collaborations with world-music-ish musicians of various nationality. The album was thoroughly mediocre, but the collaboration with Taraf de Haïdouks, "Turceasca," blew me away. So I sought out one of their albums, their self-titled debut on Elektra's Asylum imprint (which usually does/did country music I think). Surprise surprise, their non-Kronos stuff was even better. After spinning their own CD a few times, the collaboration version of "Turceasca" started to seem tame and mannered. The energy level of their own stuff is just insane, both really gutsy and blinding fast, like really good bluegrass when it starts cracking.

Anyway, check em out for yourself. The first two tracks are from their self-titled record, and are my favorite songs of theirs. Very short, but they're just perfect. I've also included their collaboration with the Kronos Quartet, which despite what I said about it being 'mannered' (only comparatively speaking) is also terrific.

**DOWNLOAD** Taraf de Haïdouks - Rustem

**DOWNLOAD** Taraf de Haïdouks - Briu

**DOWNLOAD** Taraf de Haïdouks with the Kronos Quartet - Turceasca

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You daddy don't know he's on the pipe.

And this is a story about... your daddy...

The New Pornographers
Your Daddy Don't Know
FUBAR: The Album


I was under the impression they wrote this, and that only enhanced my perception they were some sort of pop genius song factory. Further investigation has informed me this was actually recorded for the soundtrack of a - presumably - fine gem of canadian cinema where many bands, including Sum 41 (oh shit), covered great works of canadian butt-rock majesty. For some reason this has only enhanced my appreciation of this tune. Oddly enough, a video was commissioned for this. Much in the style of ... well, every single one of their videos, they're quite absent. Or all wearing fake beards, who can tell these days.

TKO Posse (feat. K of The Royal K Boyz)
Your Daddy's On The Pipe

I downloaded this from the highly superior Cocaine Blunts about a year or so ago. I can't really say anything about this. But you know what you're getting into. At least I hope you do. Unless of course you don't, then you goddamn better listen to this. And then you should go to Cocaine Blunts every day just in case something like this happens again.

I know I'm totally erratic with this thing, but I thank you for keeping this in your hearts and more importantly, your friends page.
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If you've ever heard someone namedrop Slint and their album Spiderland, now you can finally know what they're talking about. They usually say it's one of the most subtly creepy things you'll ever hear, and I'd have to agree. Spoken word over guitars that tells strange stories, usually leaving out a concluding line so you can think it up yourself. I've heard Tweez, too, but it just doesn't compare. These are my favorites, which is already half the album. I heard they reunited recently and broke up again? Not sure on that one.

Breadcrumb Trail

Don, Aman

Good Morning, Captain (also on the Kids soundtrack, can't say I've seen the movie, though)
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...from new york city

Sonic Youth
Starpower (edit)
Expressway to yr. Skull (edit)

Starpower EP, 1986

Okay, so part two in the Never-Made-It-On-CD business, and I'm already cheating. Apparently, there is a CD release of the Starpower EP. However, I've never seen it, so shut up, internet.

Why is the EP so special to me? Well, if people have a complaint about Sonic Youth, it's that they're a bit long-winded at times, and why won't they just shut up. In fact, I know someone who says this all the time. I love them dearly, so I don't want this tearing us apart. So here you go, two classics off EVOL stripped of their respective droning freakouts and condensed into their respective Best Kim Gordon Song Of 1986 & Song That Made Neil Young Believe In Feedback Once Again molds. Speaking of the latter, the version of expressway here doesn't just fade-out all cheap-ass single-edit style, it's completely different.

Could there be more? Oh, you bet your sweet ass.

As the liner notes state inside Ciccone Youth's The Whitey Album, the demo version of their cover of Madonna's Burning Up is the one which was included on the actual album. Due mostly to the enthusiasm in Mike Watt's home recording. But if it's a demo, that must mean there's a studio version? Oh, yes there was. And it was only on the 12"/7" releases as a b-side to Into The Groove. Why was it not on the re-release of The Whitey Album? I have no idea. But here it is. It's amazing.

Ciccone Youth
Burning Up
Into The Groove(y) 12"
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Talking Heads
Houses In Motion (remix)
Houses In Motion 7"

Part 1 in the saga I will call: "Random Shit That Never Made It Onto CD"

This is originally off of Remain In Light, which you know, awesome.. This single release prettied up the mix and shortened it a bit to make it single-esque. There's less echo, more prominent backup vocals, everything's leveled... whatever that means.. it was already a good song, so you can't mess it up that much. Fun fact: first Talking Heads song I downloaded off Napster. How the hell that happened, I don't know.
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toot toot. beep beep.

Palace Brothers
There Is No One What Will Take Care Of You

Personnel involved with the recording of the album:
Grant Barger
Todd Brashear
Paul Greenlaw
Will Oldham
Brian McMahan
Britt Walford

So, with the absence of Pajo, this is essentially Will Oldham featuring 3/4 of Tweez-era slint. How about them apples?