Love or Electrons? (nezbit) wrote in mp3125go,
Love or Electrons?


If you've ever heard someone namedrop Slint and their album Spiderland, now you can finally know what they're talking about. They usually say it's one of the most subtly creepy things you'll ever hear, and I'd have to agree. Spoken word over guitars that tells strange stories, usually leaving out a concluding line so you can think it up yourself. I've heard Tweez, too, but it just doesn't compare. These are my favorites, which is already half the album. I heard they reunited recently and broke up again? Not sure on that one.

Breadcrumb Trail

Don, Aman

Good Morning, Captain (also on the Kids soundtrack, can't say I've seen the movie, though)
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ah, what exactly happened to slint in between tweez and spiderland that made them so suddenly, amazing and awesome? we'll never know i guess, but should be thankful it happened all the same.


March 3 2006, 15:52:21 UTC 12 years ago

of interest to slint fans: